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Lilly Mae Services for Individuals with Developmental Disablities(LMSIDD)

“Providing total care for the developmentally challenged”

What we strive for at LMSIDD

Loving and caring interactions with our individuals as we are companions as well as   service providers

Making a positive difference 1 day at a time in our individual’s life

Sharing in our individual’s accomplishments by planning and encouragement to strive toward quality of life improvements

Individual specific planning/support focused on our individual’s desires and needs.  No two individuals are the same

Developing bridges to overcome disabilities and inclusion into our community.  Our community and theirs is the same

Dedicated focus on the individuals we serve.   The time we spend with them is focused on them and how best we can improve their quality of life

We value our employees abilities to provide quality service to the individuals we serve.  The qualities we seek are aligned with our mission to improve the independence and quality of life for our individuals.

K. A. Bryant Jr.

CEO/Compliance Mgr


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